Winter 2018

Reputations: Atlas, Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martín

‘You have to be the orchestra conductor, taking control of all these elements and making them magically come together’

Since Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martín merged their design studios in 2013 to form Atlas, their combined practice’s rise to international renown has been rapid. The couple had each already established robust professional reputations in their own right, and have seen continued success with their joint venture; since Atlas’s foundation they have won a raft of design awards, appointed two senior associates, and opened an Atlas office in New York. In September 2017 they moved their family to London, adding another outpost to Atlas’s increasingly global enterprise. Atlas’s work has cemented the standing of both Stavro and Martín as formidable, accomplished and generous-spirited figures within the international design community.


Identity design and printed matter for Teatre Principal, Palma, Mallorca, 2016-17. The playful typographic structure used throughout the identity references theatre seating, with the most important information placed on the ‘front row’ and secondary details layered behind.
Top: Portrait by Philip Sayer. 


Anna Lisa Reynolds: After eight years in Mallorca, the two of you have just moved to London. How much of Atlas is coming with you?

Astrid Stavro: Just Pablo and me. Our design teams and associates are still based in Palma. We have always had a very international way of working, and a nomadic spirit at heart, so for us the notion that a team has to all work under the same roof is obsolete. That’s actually one of the reasons why we named the studio Atlas, it was all part of the plan! For work, where we live is not really important, but for life, yes.

Pablo Martín: Mallorca was never meant to be forever. We knew the time would come when we needed to be in a big city.


Identity design and packaging for Huguet, a cement tile and terrazzo object manufacturer based in Campos, Mallorca, 2016-17. Photography by Gori Salvà.


Anna Lisa Reynolds, design writer, Brighton

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