Issue 5


Agenda, Robin Kinross

Will the political and monetary union of Europe lead to an increasingly homogeneous graphic design? Or…


Reputations: Barbara Kruger
Karrie Jacobs

Eye talks to the designer turned artist who confronts her audience with the tools of advertising.

Michèle-Anne Dauppe

Unlimited horizons? East Berlin design group Grappa come to terms with the new Germany

Astro boy and the sex wars
Liz Farrelly

Curious comics: why the Japanese love their manga

Commercial Surrealist
Steven Heller

Are the pictures of Dallas photographer Geof Kern postmodern retro or authentic art?

Marco Livingstone

Russell Mills was the original punk illustrator. Now he makes images of delicate abstraction.

Eye editors

Two Dutch books take the form of elegant visual essays on liquid themes.

The meaning of money
Michael Horsham

Bank notes change hands without so much as a second glace – a daily act of faith that says much about…