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Books on books

Issue 95, Winter 2018


The London Centre for Book Arts (LCBA), founded in 2012 by artists Simon…

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Indie mag renaissance

3 October 2014

Magazine geeks gather at the second annual Modern Magazine conference in London
The second Modern Magazine conference organised by magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie was an enthusiastic celebration of the power of editorial design. The focus was on the relationship between print and digital, and on the differences between independent publishing and the mainstream, writes Joseph Bisat Marshall.

Irrational responses

6 March 2014

GraphicDesign&’s Golden Meaning project provokes designers and illustrators to interpret geometry
Late last month, Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright of GraphicDesign& launched their publication Golden Meaning at the Design Museum, writes Joseph Bisat Marshall.

Graphic design method acting

26 February 2014

When MinaLima took on the Harry Potter franchise, they designed more than graphics – they were designing childhoods
‘The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films’ at London’s St Bride Library was a popular talk that brought J. K. Rowling’s fantasy world into the realities of design for posters, maps and publications, writes Joseph Bisat Marshall.